"I tried everything to get rid of my headaches before I met Dr. Simon!"

Your Headaches are NOT Normal!

You may have just been improperly diagnosed.

The Source of Your Pain May Be an Uneven Bite

Believe it or not, over 75% of ALL head, neck or facial pain (which leads to headaches) is due to overworked head and jaw muscles that are triggered by a bite imbalance. So, YES! It is very much dental related! Most headache specialists agree that muscles are the trigger for most headaches. Unfortunately, the only solution presented to most patients are drugs that temporarily mask the pain and often have undesirable side effects.

"I didn't even consider that the reason for my headaches could be dental related!"

You in the right place because....

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  • Have you been told that your headaches are because of stress or tension?

    Most of the patients we've helped was initially told the same thing, but it's not true. Stress does not cause headaches. We can tell you more!

  • Do you frequently get headaches that interrupt your day?

    Majority of the patients who came for a consultation also shared this and after treatment, most of them expressed relief that this no longer happens!

  • Are you experiencing tension or pain in your neck and/or on your face?

    Many people who seek our help also said this. Let's get you relief also!

  • Does your jaw pop or make a clicking noise?

    With an uneven bite these symptoms are more common than you think.

  • Are you grinding and clenching your teeth at night?

    Clenching and grinding is very common and many of our patients either stop completely or rarely do this after treatment!

  • Are you taking pain medication daily?

    Many of the people that came to see Dr. Simon said they they were taking medication daily, now after treatment they are relieved to say they rarely need to do that.

  • Have you gone to see every doctor that you could think of for headaches, but treatment has not been successful?

    You are not alone, many of our patients who seek our help say this to us. Mostly because people (including doctors) are not aware that headaches could be a result of overworked jaw muscles. We are here to help spread awareness!

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Dr. Jerry Simon

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Dr. Jerry Simon, author of Stop Headaches Now has been successfully treating these disorders for over 30 years. His patients come from all over the country to his practice, Dental Care of Stamford, to get help and find relief from the pain. Whether your problem is new or you have been suffering for years there is still hope!

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Our Patients Say it Best!

Correct Diagnosis is Key!

We won't tell you your headaches are normal..because they are not normal!

8 out of 10 patients who come to us tell us that they have seen so many doctors in hopes to cure their headaches, but have no luck finding a solution. While the doctors are doing their best, they may have just been diagnosing you improperly! Unlike other diseases, there are no medical tests for diagnosing these problems. Doctors have only the patient’s symptoms to make the diagnosis. In fact, headaches are often referred to as Medicine’s Great Imposter because they are so hard to diagnose and treat.

First things first, making a correct diagnosis.  Once we have identified and diagnosed the problem you have we can check to see if your bite is the underlying source. With Dr. Jerry Simon’s FDA accepted, Best-Bite Discluder he will be able to test in 5 minutes if the cause of your pain is due to your bite. Treatment will not be presented if the test does not relieve your pain.  To learn more about what to expect during your consultation click here. 

If the test from the Best Bite Discluder relieves your pain for even a moment, then Dr. Simon knows that the reason for your pain is and uneven bite.  The solution will be to eliminate the conflict between the teeth and jaw joints so there is no wobble in your bite. There are three options that can help achieve this –A bit guard, Bite adjustment, or orthodontic treatment. The treatment plan that will be presented to you will be the one that will best fit your situation and give you the relief you need.

Head, Neck and Facial Pain FAQs

Here are some of the FAQ we’ve received from our patients.

Headaches are a very broad category of problems and include dozens of potential causes. Dental causes of head, neck or facial pain could include cavities, abscessed teeth, gum infection, cysts, tumors of the jaw bones or swollen glands, broken or cracked teeth and TMJ dysfunction syndrome.

Your bite has probably been off for quite some time. What has recently changed was your ability to tolerate it. In other words, your brain has always known that there is a disharmony between your teeth and jaw joints, but it has chosen not to be bothered by it until recently. It may be due to the fact that you are experiencing more stress lately. It may be due to fatigue or any of the factors that I’ve discussed in this book. Sooner or later, most people will react to a tooth jaw discrepancy with the erasure pattern of tooth grinding or clenching.

Unfortunately, your last dentist may not have looked at your bite and its relationship to your jaw joints. They may have given your bite a cursory look and pronounced it okay, but that is not the same thing as helping you get your jaw centered and then checking to see if your teeth line up in harmony with the joints. If closing your teeth together forces the jaw joints off-center, you have physical evidence of conflict between the teeth and the jaw joints.

No, absolutely not. This can be proven by the fact that many patients who have been treated successfully did not have their symptoms return, even though their lives appeared to become more stressful after treatment. Stress will make you less tolerant of whatever degree of unevenness there is in your bite, but once the bite is properly treated, the problems almost always go away.

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