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Our Patients Say it Best!

Hear our patients tell their real story. Most of our patients come to us with a long and frustrating history of pain. They also have an equally, if not longer list of doctors and treatments that have not been successful. The reason that Dr Simon’s treatment is almost always successful (You can’t say always in medicine.) is that his patented, FDA accepted Best-Bite Discluder gives the correct diagnosis and his many years of experience allows him to provide the correct treatment.

My migraine was starting to interfere with my life, now I feel amazing! Words cann..


“I haven’t had any headaches and I’m living happier!”


Fixing my bite gave me the result I wanted and I am glad I did it now rather…


I was having severe ear pain, went to several doctors even and ENT. I found…


Came into Dr. Simon’s office after having some issues with TMJ. They adjusted m…


Dr. Simon’s Best-Bite Discluder test will prove your bite is the problem and fixin…


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See our patients tell their real story


This is a high quality facility with competent doctors and benevolent staff. Everybody at the institute was beyond professional. Dr. Simon was helpful in diagnosing my misaligned jaw/TMJ as the root cause of chronic cervical issues and headaches. All my questions and concerns were addressed. We settled on a treatment plan to follow at a reasonable price point. I am finally optimistic on alleviating 8 years of constant discomfort. Look no further than Dental Care of Stamford for all your dentistry and orthodontic needs.


Our family has been going to Dental Care of Stamford for over a decade and we have always had the best possible service and treatment. I had suffered with a bad bite all my life resulting in frequent headaches and difficulty chewing, but Dr. Simon managed to create a perfect bite using cosmetic dentistry and gave me gorgeous smile in the process.  Highly recommended for all family members!!


Having headaches since I was in middle school was really hard, I never wanted to go to school or do anything at all.  Absolutely hated getting up every morning. I was always grinding my teeth them & my jaw was always sore but nobody ever said they thought anything was wrong until I came to Dr Simon. I absolutely recommend this place 100%. The people here are amazing especially Dr. Simon who Ii owe a big thank you too for helping stop these headaches and I also just want to say I adore all the lovely staff. And a big big Thank you to Paula who has helped us since we walked through the door ! Shes the best and will do ANYTHING in her power to help.


My experience at Dental Care at Stamford was wonderful!  All the staff is super friendly and make sure you are always being taken care of. This is the place I recommend if you don’t like being at the dentist or are fearful. I also highly recommend this office for anyone who has or thinks they have TMJ problems and headaches . This office does their research well and will take care of you!!


Love Dr. Simon. He saved my teeth by solving my grinding issue. My jaw never hurts, my teeth are no longer sensitive and my headaches are gone! The dental hygienist staff are all wonderful and very professional. Can’t compliment enough.


The Dental Care of Stamford is one of the finest professional medical groups in which I have ever been involved, let alone the best Dental Group I have ever associated with. Dr. Simon possesses superior knowledge, not only in general care of teeth, but also in the relationship of dental care to overall health, whether it be headaches/migraines and other issues that may be related to poor bite, or simply the result of poor past dentistry. He is compassionate, listens attentively and investigates whatever problem you have in extreme detail until he finds a solution. I have had several different problems, all of which have been solved due to his expertise. On occasion, I have needed help fast and always received it, above and beyond the call of duty. Best of all, I trust him and my terror of dental visits is gone, which is no small feat.


I came to see Dr. Simon after suffering with severe jaw, headache, facial & neck pain for about a solid 10 years. Due to previous negative experiences, I developed a tremendous fear of dental treatment. However, my TMJ pain became so intolerable that it pushed me to do the research to find alleviation. I searched and read as much information that I could find on TMJ. My search became frustrated by minimal and repetitive explanations, until I found Dr. Simon at Dental Care at Stamford.  My very first visit was intense but only because Dr. Simon truly took his time explaining everything to me as well as dissipating my fears! He started my TMJ treatment the same day and I literally felt 90% better. This was amazing to me since I’d lived with this pain for so long.


My whole life I suffered from migraines since I was little and after doing the TMJ treatment with Dr.Simon I can enjoy my life so much more now. I am a 22 year old going to school for nursing and prior to the TMJ treatment my headaches used to get in the way of school and studying and work all of the time. It was one of the best decisions I ever made to do the TMJ treatment and Dr.Simon is amazing. He makes me feel like I’m at home I’m not kidding. He is so soft spoken, gentle, and really listens to what i’m concerned about. When I first met Dr. Simon at 20 years old I was very self conscious about my smile and today I am non stop smiling 🙂 Everyone here is amazing.


I have been an employee here for the last three months and more importantly I am also a patient. I have suffered from TMJ dysfunction for the last 10 years. There wasn’t a week I could remember when I didn’t have a headache. After joining the team and seeing many successful cases with Dr.Simon I felt I had to start treatment myself. Since starting I feel 70% relief in regards to my headaches and my bite feels great. If you are someone who suffers with headaches and jaw pain this is definitely the place that you want to be. I look forward to my completed treatment and I am eager to help others get the relief they deserve.

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