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Tips For A Productive Consultation

The Best Time To Come

The best time to come for your consultation is when you do have pain. For many people the pain is predictable. So for example, if your pain is usually worse in the mornings then you’ll want to schedule a morning appointment.

Have A Flexible Schedule

Try to be flexible in your schedule especially if you are traveling a long distance. Sometimes additional tests may be recommended or you may want to begin treatment on the day of your consultation.

Pain Medicine

If possible, take no pain medicine for at least 12-24 hours prior to your visit. Masking the pain with drugs makes it harder to determine the problem.

Bring A Loved One With You

If there’s a friend or family member that you want to share the results of your consultation with it’s best to bring them with you so you both can ask the doctor all of your questions.

Save Time At The Office

Download and fill out your consultation form and remember to bring it with you so you can save time at the office.

Review The Website

Take some time to review the material you find on this site so you can better understand this often confusing subject.

If you have questions about how Dental Care of Stamford can help you please contact us

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