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Stop Headaches Now: Dr. Jerry Simon's Best Selling Book

Learn about the relationship between head, neck and facial pain and an imbalanced bite

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Many head or neck ache sufferers go from doctor to doctor frustrated that a solution cannot be found to provide effective relief. The key to a cure is correct diagnosis. In this chapter of Dr. Simon’s book you’ll learn about a cure for the “common” headache.

Dr. Simon wrote the best-selling book, Stop Headaches Now, and perfected and patented his FDA approved Best-Bite Discluder, designed to help diagnose and treat patients with head, neck, and facial pain due to an uneven bite.

Some of the things you’ll discover from this book:

This book is written not only for the dentist, but for the patient in pain. It has great case studies, a questions and answer section and follows through with the complete diagnosis and treatment process. It took me one afternoon to read, but answered 10 years of questions.
Jeff Gray

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